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Work    About    CV

Designing a multi-platform
app and client portal

Nat Guy & Partners


  • Rethinking how consumers interact with brands online via in-app experiences
  • I led the UX design process on this project

  • I also worked under an art director to produce the visual designs for the apps
  • Weekly Google Ventures design sprints 

  • Three phases: standalone mobile app; white label web app; campaign manager portal
  • Remote team across UK and USA


↗  Validate Adjoy’s business concept

↗  Use GV sprints to continually design, test and improve

Hats worn

🤔 Concepting

✏️ Wireframing

🤖 Prototyping

♻️ Usability Testing

🔍 UX Research

🎨 Visual Design

📝 Copywriting

🌍 Remote collaboration

Phase 1
Native mobile app

Adjoy’s idea was a platform that rewards consumers for interacting with in-app experiences.

Following the GV sprint model, we began to rapidly design, test and iterate each week. By the end of the first sprint, we had a basic understanding of what we wanted the app to look and function like. Subsequent sprints continued to shape the design of the app.

Notable feedback from users included preference towards a clean, free-scrolling feed, as well as a clear indication of earnings and easy access to them.

At the end of each sprint, we would hold a retro to identify what worked well and what didn’t. Action points included switching prototyping tools from Origami to Invision to save time, and changing the way that we named files to improve version control.

GV sprints




Phase 2
White label web app

Phase two of the project required us to adapt the native app design to a responsive web app for US retailer ShopRite. Again, we followed the GV sprint methodology and ended each week with an Invision prototypes that we would test. Following testing, we would synthesise insights, iterate our designs and re-test.

After deciding to follow a landscape card layout for larger screens, we started to look at responsive breakpoints in order to define layouts for desktop and tablet orientations.

Phase 3
Campaign manager

The final requirement of the project was a client portal that allowed clients to upload and edit campaigns, as well as review and export statistics. Again, we began the first sprint by defining customer journeys that informed how we designed the portal.

We looked at several different existing dashboards and table layouts for inspiration and began to make rough sketches that helped to flesh out our user journeys.

Campaign report page

See your campaign
as you build it

Taking design inspiration from applications such as Dropbox and Mailchimp, we began to build out the designs that would be prototyped and tested. We opted for a two column design that would allow users to visualise their campaigns in real time as they built them.

What I learned

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nat Guy & Partners and Adjoy on this project. As the first fully remote project I’d worked on, I learnt a lot about workflow efficiency, time management, and communication. I found the GV Sprint model to be a great means of validating concepts at every turn, although it would have been nice to spend more time on research at times later in the process.

Dabbl by Adjoy is available now, you can check it out at
Downtime Dollars by Shoprite is also live now over at