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Work    About    CV

payments simple



  • Redesign of contactless payment app

  • Existing design was difficult to navigate and overloaded with features

  • Company was struggling to attract new users

  • Performed usability testing on the old design to identify the gaps

  • Recreated a more purpose-built design that tested overwhelmingly positively


↗  Increase probability of adoption

↗  Improve usability

Hats worn

🤔 Concepting

✏️ Wireframing

🤖 Prototyping

♻️ Usability Testing

🎨 Visual Design

Testing the
existing design

We put together a prototype using the designs that Vibo came to us with and ran moderated usability tests with 6 participants.

We specifically tested:

1.  Users’ understanding of what Vibo was for
2.  The ease of sending and receiving money through Vibo
3.  The value or benefits of additional proposed functionalities (including messaging, a newsfeed and an app store) within an app like this


  • 68% success rate

  • 36% usability rate

  • 40% accessibility rate

  • 72s average task time

Original Vibo home screen

to basics

As a startup bursting with great ideas, the initial focus of the app had been lost slightly and the first round of designs had been crammed with a lot of extra features and functionalities.

We worked with the team to define some principles we could stick to going forward to ensure their core vision was not lost. With these principles in mind we developed a product roadmap, prioritising the features that would have the largest immediate impact on Vibo’s success.

it simple

When the user taps ‘Pay’, the ‘Scan a QR’ method is shown. Similarly when the user taps ‘Receive’, the ’Show my QR’ method is displayed.

Testing the
new design

We created a new prototype and put it into the hands of new participants, before asking them to complete the same basic tasks as before.

The results show how much the basic usability of Vibo was improved by the new design. There were no instances of participant frustration and all tasks had near perfect success rates. Users were able to make informed decisions and find their way around the app more easily.


Success Rate


Accessibility Rate


Usability Rate


Average task time

What I learned

Maintaining a clear direction is key. The guys at Vibo had a great idea that people would eventually enjoy using, they just got a little side-tracked. I learned a lot by analysing the video and screen footage from usability testing, which revealed a lot about what the users did and not necessarily what they said. By analysing their errors and and facial gestures, we were able to build a much better experience.