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Work    About    CV

Designing a
car configurator

Volcan 4x4
Nat Guy & Partners


  • I was responsible for leading the design process on this project

  • Client wanted to allow customers to create their own vintage Range Rovers

  • Exercises such as Elements of Value Pyramid helped us to understand how Volcan wanted to present themselves

  • I worked remotely in weekly sprints, attending meetings and rituals via video link


↗  Help client to define their brand

↗  Design, test and validate an online configurator

Hats worn

🤔 Concepting

✏️ Wireframing

🤖 Prototyping

♻️ Usability Testing

🔍 UX Research

🎨 Visual Design

🌍 Remote collaboration

Understanding Volcan’s vision

We began the project by assessing Volcan’s current market standpoint and reviewing their goals moving forward. Exercises such as an Elements of Value Pyramid helped us to understand the type of brand Volcan 4x4 wanted to project themselves as.

The next step was to create a user journey map from the first point of contact to end goal (place deposit). It was at this stage that we decided on the main models of Range Rover that would be offered, based on evaluation of the target market and existing client base.

Early user journey map

Inspiration from
existing configurators

Before we began sketching ideas, we turned to existing car configurators and evaluated what we liked, didn’t like and what we thought worked well. Inspiration was taken from a selection of different configurators, including Maserati, Porsche and Land Rover’s own platform.

Sketching ideas

We started initial sketching sessions using the Crazy 8s and Note & Vote methods from GV’s Sprint model to quickly gather ideas and force lateral thinking. After deciding on a design direction, we created a mid-fidelity prototype using Sketch & Invision that we used to test.

After each round of testing, we increased fidelity of the designs and made changes according to common feedback. After the third round, we had a validated functional prototype that everybody was happy with.


Guerrilla tests



High fidelity designs

After receiving 3D renders of the Range Rover models, the last thing to do was import them into our Sketch file and update our prototype for a final round of testing. A selection of screens from the final prototype can be seen below.

In summary

I really enjoyed working with Volcan 4x4 on this project. Creating a minimal yet functional UI and reimagining a system that is generally overloaded with information was something that really helped me to progress as a designer. Volcan 4x4’s Range Rover configurator will be live soon, in the meantime you can check them out at